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Monroe is a huge giant sequoia tree in Giant Forest, a sequoia grove where the largest tree in the world lives - the General Sherman. The Monroe tree is the tenth largest giant sequoia in the world. It was named by Wendell Flint.

Nearby trees include the Washington Tree which was once the second largest tree in the world, but since it lost half its trunk in 2005 many sequoias are now larger. The Monroe tree has dull bark and no distinguishing features except for its great size and massive top. It was measured in 1980 by Wendell Flint and Mike Law; they calculated its volume to be 40,177 cubic feet (1,137.7 m3), this is 6,172 cubic feet (174.8 m3) larger than the famed Grizzly Giant tree in Mariposa Grove yet it is still 12,331 cubic feet (349.2 m3) less than the General Sherman Tree, largest of all sequoias.

Giant Forest, famed for its giant sequoia trees, is within Sequoia National Park. The forest, at over 6,000 feet (1,800 m) in elevation, is located in the western Sierra Nevada of California. Four out of the ten largest trees by volume on the planet are said to be within the Giant Forest. The largest, the General Sherman tree, measures 36.5 feet (11.1 m) across the base.

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