Mons La Hire

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Mons La Hire
Mons la hire.jpg
Mons La Hire from Apollo 15. NASA photo.
Highest point
Elevation1.5 km
ListingLunar mountains
Coordinates27°40′N 25°31′W / 27.66°N 25.51°W / 27.66; -25.51
EtymologyPhilippe de La Hire
Locationthe Moon
Oblique view from Apollo 17

Mons La Hire is a solitary lunar mountain in the western Mare Imbrium. It is located to the northeast of the crater Euler, and to the west-northwest of Lambert.

The selenographic coordinates of this feature are 27.8° N, 25.5° W, and it has a maximum diameter at the base of 25 km. The mountain base has a shape roughly like an arrow head, with the point oriented toward the west-northwest. The peak has a height of 1.5 km above the surface.

This feature was named after Philippe de La Hire, a French mathematician and astronomer.[1]

Nearby craters[edit]

Charles (upper left corner), Mavis (below Charles), and Annegrit (lower right corner), north of Mons La Hire. The largest crater at bottom center is unnamed.

Several tiny craters near this mountain have been assigned names by the IAU. These are listed in the table below. Felix and Verne are located to the south of the peak, while the remainder are grouped to the north and northeast.

Crater Coordinates Diameter Name source
Annegrit 29°24′N 25°36′W / 29.4°N 25.6°W / 29.4; -25.6 1 km German feminine name
Charles 29°54′N 26°24′W / 29.9°N 26.4°W / 29.9; -26.4 1 km French masculine name
Felix 25°06′N 25°24′W / 25.1°N 25.4°W / 25.1; -25.4 1 km Latin masculine name
Mavis 29°48′N 26°24′W / 29.8°N 26.4°W / 29.8; -26.4 1 km Scottish feminine name
Verne 24°54′N 25°18′W / 24.9°N 25.3°W / 24.9; -25.3 2 km Latin masculine name

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Mons La Hire.

La Hire Coordinates Diameter, km
A 28°32′N 23°28′W / 28.53°N 23.46°W / 28.53; -23.46 (La Hire A) 5
B 27°41′N 23°02′W / 27.69°N 23.03°W / 27.69; -23.03 (La Hire B) 4

La Hire A is on the northeast side of Dorsum Zirkel, and La Hire B is on the southwest side.

The following craters have been renamed by the IAU.

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