Mons Penck

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Mons Penck
Mons Penck lies near the right edge of this image, just below center. Also visible are the craters Kant (lower center) and Zöllner (upper left). NASA photo.
Highest point
Elevation 4 km
Listing Lunar mountains
Coordinates 10°00′S 21°36′E / 10.0°S 21.6°E / -10.0; 21.6
Translation Penck Mountain (Latin)
Location the Moon

Mons Penck is a mountain promontory on the near side of the Moon. It lies just to the northeast of the crater Kant, to the north of Ibn-Rushd and the Rupes Altai scarp. Southeast of Mons Penck are the prominent craters Theophilus and Cyrillus.

The selenographic coordinates of this peak are 10.0° S, 21.6° E. It has a diameter of about 30 km at the base and climbs to an altitude of 4 km (13,000 feet). It was named after Albrecht Penck (1858–1945), a German geographer and geologist.

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