Mons Vitruvius

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Mons Vitruvius
Highest point
Elevation 2.3 km
Listing Lunar mountains
Coordinates 19°24′N 30°48′E / 19.4°N 30.8°E / 19.4; 30.8
Location the Moon

Mons Vitruvius is a mountain on the Moon that is located in the Montes Taurus region just to the north of Mare Tranquillitatis and to the southeast of Mare Serenitatis. This massif is located at selenographic coordinates of 19.4° N, 30.8° E, and it has a diameter across the base of 15 km. It rises to a maximum height of about 2.3 km near the northeastern end. This mountain was named after the crater Vitruvius, located to the south-southeast. (The eponym for this feature is Marcus P. Vitruvius.)

The Apollo 17 mission landed in the Taurus–Littrow valley to the north of this mountain. Several small craters in the vicinity of this peak and the landing site have been assigned names by the IAU. These are listed in the table below.

Crater Coordinates Diameter Name source
Isis 18°54′N 19°00′E / 18.9°N 19.0°E / 18.9; 19.0 1 km Isis (Egyptian goddess)
Jerik 18°30′N 27°36′E / 18.5°N 27.6°E / 18.5; 27.6 1 km Scandinavian masculine name
Mary 18°30′N 27°24′E / 18.5°N 27.4°E / 18.5; 27.4 1 km English form of Hebrew feminine name
Robert 19°00′N 27°24′E / 19.0°N 27.4°E / 19.0; 27.4 1 km English masculine name

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