Monsang language

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Native toIndia
EthnicityMonsang Naga
Native speakers
2,000 (2015)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3nmh

Monsang (Monsang, Monshang; autonym: Si:rti[1]) is an unclassified Sino-Tibetan (possibly Kuki-Chin) language of Northeast India. Scott DeLancey, et al. (2015)[1] classifies Monsang as a "Northwest Kuki-Chin" language.


Monsang is spoken in Chandel subdivision, Chandel district, Manipur, in the 6 villages of Liwachangning, Changnhe, Liwa Khullen (Meeleen), Liwa Sarei, Japhou, and Monsang Pantha (Pentha Khuwpuw).[3]


Unlike the more conservative Kuki-Chin languages spoken to the south such as Mizo, Monsang has many innovative phonological and morphological features.[4]


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