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Plaza de Armas of Monsefú
Plaza de Armas of Monsefú
Coat of arms of Monsefú
Coat of arms
Nickname(s): The Eternal City of Flowers
Motto: Entrepreneurial and Laborious
Monsefú is located in Peru
Coordinates: 6°52′40.21″S 79°52′18.72″W / 6.8778361°S 79.8718667°W / -6.8778361; -79.8718667
Country  Peru
Region Lambayeque
Province Chiclayo
District Monsefú
 • Mayor Rita Elena Ayasta Giles
Elevation 11 m (36 ft)
 • Estimate (2015)[1] 23,561
Time zone PET (UTC-5)

Monsefú is a town in Northern Peru, capital of the Monsefú district in the Chiclayo in the region Lambayeque. It is renowned for its food and handicrafts, which are on display at the annual FEXTICUM festival,[2] named in 1973 by Professor Limberg Chero Ballena[citation needed] and held in July during Fiestas Patrias. Monsefú is also the home of the cumbia groups Grupo 5 and Hermanos Yaipen. Monsefú was elevated to the category of "city" on October 26, 1888.[3][4]


Before the arrival of the Spanish, Monsefú would have been part of the chieftainship of Cinto, with the name of Chuspo, whose main center have been located in the vicinity of the hill San Bartolo. Early in the second half of the sixteenth century, they would have been reduced in Callanca, heavy rains and floods in 1578, blighted the crops and affected the population composed of huacotoledistas. In 1612 the population of Callanca are attacked by a disease, the population was reduced by the disease, survivors after a few years, were located in what is now Monsefú.

The headquarters of the Chilean army during the occupation of Peru (1879-1893) was located in monsefu. Chilean troops entered into monsefu without shooting a single bullet. The commander in chief of the invader, gral Patricio Lynch, acted as a major of the city. During his tenure, he improved the sanitation system, organized a garbage collection service, built the first sewage system and reorganized the whole administration. Historians concur that the general lynch was probably the best authority of monsefu. Citation needed:Segunda memoria que el Contra-Almirante D. Patricio Lynch, Jeneral en Jefe del Ejército de operaciones en el norte del Perú presenta al supremo gobierno de Chile (g)

The town of Monsefú was created at the time of Independence by the Liberator Simon Bolivar.


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Coordinates: 6°52′40.21″S 79°52′18.72″W / 6.8778361°S 79.8718667°W / -6.8778361; -79.8718667