Monserrate Palace

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Monserrate Palace
Interior view of the main dome

The Monserrate Palace (Portuguese: Palácio de Monserrate) is an exotic palatial villa located near Sintra, Portugal, the traditional summer resort of the Portuguese court.


It was restored in 1858 for Sir Francis Cook, an English baronet created Viscount of Monserrate by King Luís I. Monserrate turned to an English architect, James Thomas Knowles, for designs.

The design was influenced by Romanticism and Mudéjar Moorish Revival architecture with Neo-Gothic elements. The eclecticism is a fine example of the Sintra Romanticism, along with other nearby palácios, such as the Pena Palace and the Quinta do Relógio. The Islamic architectural influence is in reference to when the region was a part of the wider Muslim Gharb Al-Andalus until the 13th century.


The terrace leads out into the large park. It is designed in a romantic style with a lake, several springs and fountains, grottoes, and is surrounded by lush greenery with rare species.



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