Monster Mansion

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Monster Mansion
Six Flags Over Georgia
Status Operating
Cost Free
Opening date 1981
Replaced Tales of the Okefenokee
General statistics
Type Free flow boat ride
Designer Gary Goddard and Al Bertino
Model Boat
Course Old
Lift system 7 feet
Length 700 ft (210 m)
Site area 25,000 sq ft (2,300 m2)
Type Water Ride
Lift count 1
Number of drops 1

Monster Mansion (formerly Monster Plantation) is a family & kids style Mill Chute dark ride at Six Flags Over Georgia located in Austell, Georgia. Aboard 6-passenger boats, riders pass through nine scenes along the 700' foot-long flume, passing by over 107 original audio animatronic characters. Outside of Disney parks, it is the world's largest animatronic-based family dark ride.[1] The new "Monster Mansion" incarnation also features more 4D effects than any other ride in the world.[2]

Tales of the Okefenokee - 1967-1980[edit]

From the park's opening in 1967 until 1980, the same building housed The Tales of the Okefenokee, a boat ride inspired by the Uncle Remus stories of Joel Chandler Harris. In 1968, the original "The Tales of the Okefenokee" attraction was redesigned by Sid and Marty Krofft of puppeteering and television fame.

Monster Plantation - 1981-2008[edit]

Monster Plantation made its debut in 1981, using the same ride system but replacing all characters and scenery from the antiquated "Tales of the Okefenokee" dark ride that had been operating since the park opened in 1967. To create the ride, Six Flags engaged Gary Goddard and Al Bertino, both who had recently left Walt Disney Imagineering.

The exterior of the ride looks like a typical antebellum Southern Plantation. Boats proceed through a water-filled concrete trough and through the interior, which is filled with humorous animatronic monsters having a picnic. Near the end of the ride, the boats go up a 7-foot lift hill and down the drop into "the Marsh", a dark swamp filled with a variety of scary monsters before the boats are delivered back to the outdoor boarding station.

On September 27, 2008, Six Flags had on their sign that it is "your last time to ride Monster Plantation," as it would be remodeled and called Monster Mansion in 2009.

Monster Mansion - 2009-Present[edit]

In April 2008, impressed with the newly opened Glow in the Park Parade at Six Flags Mexico, Six Flags management approached designer Gary Goddard about the possibility of renewing the popular-but-rundown Monster Plantation dark ride at Six Flags Over Georgia, which Goddard had originally created over 25 years earlier. Over the Fall and Winter of 2008, the Monster Plantation was completely overhauled by Goddard's company, the The Goddard Group.

Many of the original creators participated in the renewal, including Phil Mendez who originally designed all 107 characters, and Dick Hamilton, who had written the popular theme song. Taylor Jeffs served at the renewal's Creative Director, leading a team that included Bob Baranick (Art Director), Edward Marks (Lighting Design), Ted King (New Music & Arrangements, Adirondack Scenic (New Scenery) Navigator Entertainment Group (Animatronics & Effects), Entertainment Design Group (Technical Installation & Programming), Maria Goodman (Graphics) and Phil Phillipson (Murals). Barry Kemper and Kirk Powell served as the attraction's Producers and Project Managers.

Monster Mansion follows the same basic plot and premise as the original Monster Plantation, but infuses the attraction with modern technologies, effects, and storytelling techniques. During the renewal, every single one of the 99 original characters were re-built from the inside out, including new mechanics, fur, and renewed costumes based on the originals. Eight new characters were added, and all original murals were discarded and new murals, designed by Disney Animation production designer Phil Phillipson, were installed. Every light and speaker in the building was also replaced.

Renamed "Monster Mansion", the new attraction made its debut to the press on May 14, 2009 and to the public on May 16, 2009.


The ride track for Monster Mansion is exactly 700' feet in length, with 613' feet of that being enclosed within the show building.

Monster Mansion's main show building is 25,000' square feet in size.

Composer Dick Hamilton's daughters provided the vocals for the original Monster Plantation theme song.

Project Manager Barry Kemper provided voices for several of the new characters.

Animator Phil Mendez designed the characters and many gags for the attraction.

Creative Director Taylor Jeffs has said that the works of Dorothy Draper were the inspiration for the motif of the attraction's opening scene.

The Monster Mansion boasts more "4D" interactive special effects than any other ride in the world. With thirteen, Monster Mansion beats out the previous record holder, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride, which has eight 4D effects.


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