Monster Planet

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Monster Planet
Author David Wellington
Country United States
Language English
Series David Wellington's Monster trilogy
Genre Horror
Publisher Thunder's Mouth Press
Publication date
Media type e-book
ISBN 978-1-905005-49-9
OCLC 190966714
Preceded by Monster Nation

Monster Planet (2005) is a serial novel by David Wellington. It is the third and final novel in the author's Monster series of zombie apocalypse horror.

Plot introduction[edit]

Monster Planet takes place twelve years after the events in Monster Island. Sarah, Dekalb's now 20-year-old daughter, fights alongside Ayaan and her squad of female Somali warriors to defend their last remaining settlements from the encroaching undead forces. Meanwhile, a powerful lich from Russia who calls himself "The Tsarevich" leads his army west on an unknown expedition.

Release details[edit]

  • 2005, U.S., Brokentype, e-book

About the trilogy[edit]

Monster Planet is the third novel in David Wellington's Monster trilogy.

The first novel, Monster Island, takes place in Manhattan one month after New York City has been completely overrun by zombies.

The second novel, Monster Nation, tells the story of the origins of the epidemic and its rapid spread across the United States.

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