Monster Rancher 2

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Monster Rancher 2
SeriesMonster Rancher
  • JP: 25 February 1999
  • NA: 31 August 1999[1]
  • EU: 20 October 2000
PlayStation Network
  • JP: 3 December 2014
Genre(s)Life simulation game
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Monster Rancher 2 (released 1999) is a PlayStation video game and the second North American and Japanese (where it is known as Monster Farm 2 (モンスターファーム2, Monsutā Fāmu Tsū)) installment in the Monster Rancher series. In Europe (and other PAL locations) Monster Rancher 2 is the first release in the series and is thus named Monster Rancher.


This game involves raising, fighting, and breeding monsters. The main character is never seen on screen and never talks to anyone directly. Instead, all of the dialog and action is done by the trainer's assistant Colt and her toucan Joy. The player chooses their actions and choices through menu options.

Fighting Monsters[edit]

Tournaments, from which money, items, and fame can be earned, are held throughout the year. However, only by winning an IMa Official Cup, four of which are held each year, can breeders and monsters earn higher ranks. As a monster’s rank increases, it gains access to higher level tournaments.

Monsters begin life knowing a small number of moves that can be used in battle, with more learned through training. To perform a move, a monster must expend some “guts,” which regenerate constantly during battle. Each move can only be performed while within a particular range of an opponent, and from close range monsters can knock opponents back.

Unlocking Monsters[edit]

Besides the monster types you can unlock from the beginning, there are many more which you can raise. There are three different ways in which to unlock new monster types for raising: plot events, expedition, and errantry. The most common way these new monsters are given to you is by the gain of an item, which when used to combine monsters, will produce this new type. After that happens, CDs will now be allowed to produce monsters of that type.

Plot Events[edit]

During the course of the game, certain events may happen which allow you to raise new monster types. Most of these happen when specific requirements are met, although a few seem mostly random.


Sometimes during expedition you may find one of the very rare items which can be used in breeding a new monster.


Under certain rare circumstances, your monster may bring back a special combination item after going on errantry.


The story of Monster Rancher 2 is largely non-linear with story events happening only after certain requirements are met (winning a battle, reaching a certain rank, etc.). The story begins with the main character going to register to become a trainer, it is there when Colt appears as the trainer's new official assistant. The "end" of the game is when a monster is able to beat the Big Four (the four highest ranked battles in the game) when this happens a video about the history of the monsters is shown. A monster who has beaten all four of the S class tournaments can then go on to compete in a special match for champion monsters like itself.

It is important to note that Monster Rancher 2 happens in close time proximity to Monster Rancher 1, but on a different continent (MR2 being set in the IMA area, and MR1 set in the FIMBA area), because of this there is a special battle between the player and the assistant from the first game, Holly. This event takes place every four years, much like the Summer Olympics, and the player's monster has to be of certain rank to gain entry to. The event is called the IMA vs. FIMBA meet and always takes place in the last week of August. The player must win the preceding entry tournament first, which always takes place in the last week of July, respectively.

Defeating the Major 4 tournaments and the Legend Cup, does not unlock all of the monsters in the game. There are different steps to take to unlock each main breed monster.

Special features[edit]

  • Players of both Monster Rancher 1 & 2 are given the special option of bringing monsters from their Monster Rancher 1 save files to Monster Rancher 2. This is the only way to get certain monsters in Monster Rancher 2.
  • Certain disks will unlock special monsters that can only be created using that disk, such as:
    • Monster Rancher 1 disk will unlock Sueki Suezo
    • Dead or Alive unlocks Kasumi, who is 'dressed' in her older red and white ninja costume.
    • Monster Rancher 2's own disc unlocks a purebreed Mocchi.
    • Beck: Mellow Gold is the only disk that will unlock the monster Moo, but only specific pressings of the album contain this monster. It is extremely rare to find the correct disk.
    • Nevermind by Grunge band Nirvana is the only disc that unlocks the rare monster Swimmer.


Aggregate score
Review scores
AllGame4.5/5 stars[3]
Game Informer8.5/10[7]
Game RevolutionB[8]
OPM (US)4/5 stars[10]
PSM4/5 stars[11]

The game received "favorable" reviews, albeit slightly less than the original game, according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.[2] In Japan, Famitsu gave it a score of 32 out of 40.[5]


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