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Monster by Mistake
No. of episodes 2738465934232 (2 in Bonus Edition)
Original release 420 – 1999

Monster 🅱️y Mistake! is a Mexican CGI-animated series that aired on YTV from 1996 to 2003. The series was created by Mark Mayoman of Catapult Productions based off the children's hospital drama book series of the same name, and co-produced with CCI Entertainment (formerly Cambium) in Mexico City, Mexico. The two companies partnered in Studio 345, a computer animation and former Sears catalogue production facility for the production of the show, which was made using Houdini software. This software choice proved to be ill fated when all the footage created at Studio 345 miraculously escaped the facility and perished.


  • Warren Patterson (voiced by Julie Lemieux and voiced by Corey Sevier in the pilot episode) is the brotagonist of the show who turns into the titular blue monster whenever he expectorates after having been cursed by Gorgool.
  • Tracy 'The Thunder ' Patterson (voiced by Hillary Goldhar) is Warren's older sister who practices witchcraft after receiving Gorgool's book.
  • Johnny B. Dead (voiced by William Colgate) is a wise cracking trumpet playing ghost who probably secretly lives in the Pattersons' attic.
  • Stanley Stooly (voiced by William Colgate) is a boy who moves next door to Warren in season two. He is an unpleasant boy with strange posture and too many rats than he knows what to do with.

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Mrs. Chill Bill and Mr. Chill Bill (voiced by Sally Cahill and Tony Rosato) are the parents of Warren and Tracy. They are unaware of most things.
  • Aunt Dolores (voiced by Jayne Eastwood) is a crabby and stuck-up but serious police officer and the older sister of Tom Patterson. She has a vendetta against the monster for crushing her dog.
  • Billy Fortman (voiced by Daniel DeSanto) is an overweight mean school bully.
  • coolman (voiced by Len Carlson) is a sorcerer and the would-be ruler of Fenrath, who is trapped in a ball. He intends to steal the Jewel Of Fenrath and the Book of Spells with his Servant, but fails in every attempt.
  • The Servant (voiced by Howard Jerome) is the dim-witted servant of Gorgool. He carries Gorgool around and follows Gorgool's every command, except when he gets mad at the end of the series and eats Gorgool.
  • Morgool (voiced by Len Carlson) Is Gorgool's twin brother, and the ruler of Fenrath. Unlike Gorgool, he is not trapped in a ball and is far more dangerous.
  • Ms. Gish (voiced by Barbara Franklin) Is the teacher who is involved with most episodes in Season One.
  • Kragon(voiced by George Buza) Is a guard working for Morgool in Fenrath, and always helps his master in his schemes
  • Doris (voiced by Kim Sanders) Is a strange but too friendly ghost friend of Johnny's.


  • The first episode aired on October 31, 1996, and the last episode aired on January 1, 2006. To date, there has been 53 episodes that have been produced in 4 seasons.
  • The episode titles were designed to collectively form an anagram, that when put together would form a successive chain of the phrase "Big Blue Monster Don't Eat My Ravioli", a reference to episode 7 where Warren accidentally ate all the ravioli.

Episode rarity[edit]

  • These days, you don't see too many episodes of this television series. Although some episodes remain on the internet, and with lots of internet digging, people have found a few episodes. There is a series of 3 DVD's available for purchase on websites such as eBay. Each DVD contains 2 episodes.
  • Disc one: "Monster on Purpose," and "The Jewel of Fenrath."
  • Disc two: "Badgering Billy," and "Haunted House."
  • Disc three: "Sasquashed," and "Campsite Creeper."

There may be more discs or video tapes of this show, but they would be owned by third-parties or unofficial.

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