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Bigfoot is a popular subject of monster erotica

Monster erotica, also referred to as monster porn, cryptozoological erotica or, by some authors, erotic horror,[1] is a subgenre of erotic literature that involves sexual encounters between humans and monsters.


The monsters featured in such works include dinosaurs (see dinosaur erotica),[2] cryptids such as yetis, mythical and legendary beings such as minotaurs and leprechauns, or extraterrestrials.[1] Titles typical of the genre include Cum For Bigfoot, Frankenstein's Bitch, Milked by the Aliens[1] or Taken by the T-Rex.[2]

Monster erotica writers argue that sex with monsters is different from sex with animals in that the monsters are portrayed as intelligent beings and as being in control of the encounter.[1] However, erotic monster novels often feature non-consensual sex at least as regards the human participants.[1]


Most erotic monster novels are self-published. In 2013, none of the publishers contacted by Business Insider for an article about the genre responded when asked if they had been offered such works.[1]

The monster erotica genre attracted public attention in the 2010s on account of the surprising popularity such novels obtained in English-language e-book stores. Following a series of media reports in the United Kingdom in 2013 about the easy availability of self-published e-books with depictions of rape, incest and bestiality, leading e-book retailers such as removed a great number of self-published erotica from their websites, including many erotic monster novels.[1]

The genre again drew public attention when Denver Riggleman was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia's 5th congressional district in 2018. His opponent accused him of being a "devotee of Bigfoot erotica", which he denied.[3][4]

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