Monsters from Mars

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Monsters from Mars
Performing live at the Il Corral in Los Angeles, CA
Background information
Origin San Diego, United States
Genres Surf rock, Garage Rock
Years active 2001 - present
Labels Tic Tac Totally

Monsters from Mars is an underground rock band from California, formed in 2001. Originally an instrumental surf rock trio, the band has since grown in size and influences. Stylistically, the band's current sound incorporates elements of surf rock, garage rock, horror, progressive rock, new wave, experimental electronic music, punk rock, and new trends in underground music. Sonically, the band's sound comes from its heavy use of spring reverb, tremolo-picked guitar leads, tube equipment, Farfisa organ, synthesizers, baritone guitar, theremin, tape delay effects, and occasional saxophone and prog rock drum solo. The band's live show is distinguished by its high energy performances, use of theatrics, fog and colored light ambiance, and proclivity for inducing dancing among audience members.

The band is associated with the DIY ethic—self-releasing homemade albums, home recording all their music, creating and working on some of their own gear, and playing venues that cater to independent music.

Monsters from Mars is perhaps best known for its instrumental rendition of the Britney Spears hit, Toxic. Also notable are its connections to the character, Bob Stencil.



  • Play Some Originals and Some Surf Guitar Classics and Obscurities (Tired Machine, 2002)
  • 2004: A Space Odyssey (Tired Machine, 2004)


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