Monsters We Met

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Monsters We Met
Narrated byIan Holm (UK Version) William Hootkins (US Version)[1]
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes3
Running time45-50 minutes
Original networkAnimal Planet

Monsters We Met is a documentary produced by the BBC that later aired on Animal Planet in 2003 (under the title, Land of Lost Monsters) which also included footage from Walking with Beasts and Walking with Cavemen both also made by the BBC. The show used computer-generated imagery to recreate the life of the giant animals that lived during the last ice age and explains how early humans encountered them. It also features humans as the main reason for the extinction of all great animals.


Episode 1: Eternal Frontier (Montana, United States, North America, 14,000 years ago)[edit]

The episode starts with mammoths living during the Ice Age. It also shows how humans became top predators and started hunting them. We also had to compete with other predators like the Short-faced Bear and the Saber-toothed Cat. We destroyed them by depleting their food supply, and making them starve to death. The episode ends with how there were no more extinctions following the Ice Age and that it remained that way until the European colonization of the Americas.

Note: This episode used most of the extinct mammal models from Wild New World, as well as some archive footage.

Episode 2: The Burning (Australia, 65,000 years ago)[edit]

It starts by showing how humans migrated to Australia. We also hunted the native wildlife. We encountered the huge birds and the giant lizard, megalania. The reptiles kill two humans and they plan on burning the fields to kill the giant lizard. The episode then ends with how the burning of the forests changed the landscape of Australia.

Episode 3: The End of Eden (New Zealand, AD 1280)[edit]

It starts with humans populating New Zealand. We encounter the giant moa. We start to see it was harmless. We then discover Haast's eagle, which hunts moas and starts to target us. We then start to steal the moa's giant eggs and go after the adults for food. The program then goes into human evolution and goes over how humans have led to the extinctions of the megafauna and how they are still affecting modern animals. The program ends with us in space and starts to ask the question that if we can't live with these monsters, are we not monsters ourselves.

Note: This episode used footage from the previous two episodes, Walking with Cavemen, Walking with Beasts and Wild New World.

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