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Monstrous Manual
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Publisher TSR
Publication date

The Monstrous Manual is an accessory for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.


The Monstrous Manual compiles all monsters from the first two volumes of the Monstrous Compendium plus a large number of monsters from other sources into a 384-page hardcover book.

Publication history[edit]

In 1993, the Monstrous Manual was released.[1] The book was edited by Doug Stewart. The cover art was by Jeff Easley, with interior illustrations by Tony DiTerlizzi, Jeff Butler, Dave Simons, Tom Baxa, Mark Nelson, and color by Les Dorscheid. More Monstrous Compendium appendices were released as a supplements to the Monstrous Manual in the form of paperback books, usually 128 pages. They included updated reprints of loose leaf Monstrous Compendium Appendices and new volumes.

The Monstrous Manual was reproduced as a premium reprint on May 21, 2013.[2]



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