Mont Gerbier de Jonc

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Gerbier de Jonc
Mont Gerbier de Jonc (en venant de St Martial au nord-est).JPG
Highest point
Elevation 1,551 m (5,089 ft)
Coordinates 44°50′40″N 4°13′12″E / 44.84444°N 4.22000°E / 44.84444; 4.22000Coordinates: 44°50′40″N 4°13′12″E / 44.84444°N 4.22000°E / 44.84444; 4.22000
Gerbier de Jonc is located in France
Gerbier de Jonc
Gerbier de Jonc
Ardèche, France
Parent range Massif Central
Mountain type Lava dome

Mont Gerbier de Jonc is a mountain of volcanic (phonolitic) origin located in the Massif Central in France. It rises to an altitude of 1,551 m (5,089 ft), and its base contains three springs that are the source of the Loire, France's longest river. It is the second most-visited site in the département of Ardèche, after the Ardèche Gorges.[citation needed]

This particular Lava dome resembles the back of a mythical tarasque.[citation needed] When it was active, it would have smelled of rotten eggs due to Hydrogen sulfide gas emanating from vents and fissures surrounding it.