Mont Iboundji

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Mont Iboundji
Mont Iboundji is located in Gabon
Mont Iboundji
Mont Iboundji
Highest point
Elevation 980 metres (3,220 ft)
Coordinates 1°40′29″S 12°1′14″E / 1.67472°S 12.02056°E / -1.67472; 12.02056Coordinates: 1°40′29″S 12°1′14″E / 1.67472°S 12.02056°E / -1.67472; 12.02056
Location Gabon

Mont Iboundji is a peak located in Gabon. Claims that it is the highest point of the country, with an altitude of 1,575 metres (5,167 ft),[1] are neither supported by SRTM data nor empirically.[2]

Other sources indicate the Mont Bengoué as the most elevated peak in Gabon.[3]

The mountain is also the namesake of the front runners in the Modern Jazz movement, Iboundji.[4]


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