Mont Ngafula

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Mont Ngafula
Commune de Mont Ngafula
Northern portion of Mont Ngafula on a map of Kinshasa communes
Northern portion of Mont Ngafula on a map of Kinshasa communes
Kinshasa city-province on a map of the DRC
Kinshasa city-province on a map of the DRC
Coordinates: 04°25′29″S 15°17′44″E / 4.42472°S 15.29556°E / -4.42472; 15.29556Coordinates: 04°25′29″S 15°17′44″E / 4.42472°S 15.29556°E / -4.42472; 15.29556[1]
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Province Kinshasa
District Lukunga
 • Total 358.92 km2 (138.58 sq mi)
Population (2004 est.)
 • Total 261,004
 • Density 730/km2 (1,900/sq mi)

Mont Ngafula is a municipality (commune) in the Lukunga district of Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.[2]

It is in the hilly southern area of Kinshasa and is intersected by the Lukaya River valley in its southern portion. The boundary with the Ngaliema commune is defined by the Lukunga River.[3]

Residence in the area is relatively new; in the 1970s, it became home to a small number of upper and middle-class business executives, politicians and other relatively affluent people. However, many of the would-be extravagant compounds commissioned remain incomplete, mainly due to the drastic economic decline that characterized the latter portion of the Mobutu era.


Historical population of Mont Ngafula
Year 1967 1970 1984 2003 2004
Population 2,040 29,811 52,820 252,412 261,004

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