Mont Panié

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Mont Panié
Highest point
Elevation1,628 m (5,341 ft) [1]
Prominence1,628 m (5,341 ft) [1]
Coordinates20°35′18″S 164°46′15″E / 20.58833°S 164.77083°E / -20.58833; 164.77083Coordinates: 20°35′18″S 164°46′15″E / 20.58833°S 164.77083°E / -20.58833; 164.77083[1]
Mont Panié is located in New Caledonia
Mont Panié
Mont Panié
Parent rangeChaîne Centrale

Mont Panié is a mountain on the island of Grande Terre in New Caledonia. At 1,628 metres (5,341 ft), it is the island's highest point. Mont Panié is situated in the Chaîne Centrale mountain range.

New Caledonia is a special collectivity of France located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. The second highest peak on the island, Mount Humboldt, is nearly as tall as Mont Panié, with an elevation of 1,618 metres (5,308 ft).

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