Mont Sokbaro

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Mont Sokbaro
Mont Sokbaro is located in Benin
Mont Sokbaro
Mont Sokbaro
Location in Benin (on the border with Togo)
Highest point
Elevation 658 m (2,159 ft)
Coordinates 9°19′41″N 1°24′56″E / 9.32806°N 1.41556°E / 9.32806; 1.41556Coordinates: 9°19′41″N 1°24′56″E / 9.32806°N 1.41556°E / 9.32806; 1.41556
Location Benin - Togo border
Mountain type Hill

Mont Sokbaro is cited by some sources as the highest point of Benin, with an altitude of 658 metres (2,159 ft). It is located on the border between Benin and Togo, part of the Atakora Mountains. Other locations such as 2.5 km southeast of Kotoponga at 10-17-22N 1-32-38E have SRTM readings of 670 meters.

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