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Developer(s) Mariner software
Stable release
1.5.4 / October 2009
Operating system Mac OS X
Type Screenwriting software
License Proprietary
Website Montage Website

Montage is screenwriting software developed for Mac OS X. Montage allows the creation, editing, and management of screenplays on Macintosh computers. Montage can import Final Draft documents. text and RTF formatted files, it includes custom, pre-formatted templates for film, TV, and theater.[1]


Montage screenwriting software features:

  • Import and export Final Draft (.fdr), Text (.txt), or Rich Text (.rtf) formatted files
  • Export to Portable document format (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc), Scheduling Export (.sex)
  • Scene Numbering, status color-coding, and keywords
  • A & B Scenes
  • MobileMe integration
  • Templates for Film, TV, BBC, Theater, Comic Book and more
  • Scripts can be created as live outlines
  • “Smart Views” allow writers to visually filter scripts to desired content, based on criteria
  • Query letters, synopses, and scripts can be submitted to hundreds of included industry contacts
  • “Full-Screen mode” writing
  • On the fly spellchecking
  • Contacts stored in Apple's Address Book
  • MobileMe backups
  • Native Cocoa, Universal, Applescript-able and Accessible
  • Localized in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

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