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Montague Ainslie (28 April 1792 – 1 February 1884) was an English forester and businessman whose interests included the iron ore company Harrison Ainslie.

Ainslie was educated at Hawkshead Grammar School and at Sedbergh School. In the early nineteenth century, he inherited the Grizedale Estate from his parents, Henry Ainslie and Agnes Ford. In 1841 he converted Ford Lodge into a larger residence which became known as Grizedale New Hall. Like his parents before him, he planted vast numbers of larch trees in the valley, continuing the development and growth of Grizedale Forest.

He built Ford House in Ulverston for his son, William George Ainslie, who was chairman and major shareholder of the North Lonsdale Iron and Steel Company. William became the first MP for Lonsdale and moved to London in 1865, after which Montague used Ford House as a town house from which to manage his business interests which included Harrison Ainslie, another Iron company and also an operator of shipping from Ulverston. Ford Park is now a community facility for residents of Ulverston.

Marriages and children[1][edit]

Montague Ainslie married Sophia Mary Ricketts at Goruckpore on 18 January 1818 and they had 6 children: Sophia Agnes, 1819 - 1822

Montague Morduant, 1823 - 1896

Henry, 1824 - 1892 was vicar of Windermere from 1873 until his death.

Sophia Horatia, 1826 - 1897

Agnes Emily, 1829 - 1833.

William George 1832 - 1893

Sophia Mary Ainslie died 17 August 1833 and Montague married Mary Ann Campbell at Simla on 8 October 1834. They went on to have another 10 children. Mary Ann Ainslie died at Grizedale 21 August 1879.

Edward Campbell 1835 - 1883 died of tuberculosis

Ford, 1836 - 1854 - drowned in the "Prince" off Balaclarva

Mary Elizabeth, 1838 - 1932 - Married Edward Wadham

Frederick Gale Hubert, 1842 - 1892

Margaret Louisa, 1845 - 1920

Emily Florence, 1848 - 1846 Married Eustace Rooke

Alfred Montague, 1850 - 1889

Constance Edith, 1853 - 1934

Marian Helen, 1856 - 1945 Married William Maling Grant

Gilbert Hamilton, 1859 - 1928


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