Montana Bluff

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Location of Bowles Ridge on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands.
Montana Bluff from Kuzman Knoll.
Topographic map of Livingston Island, Greenwich, Robert, Snow and Smith Islands.

Montana Bluff (Vrah Montana \'vr&h mon-'ta-na\) is an ice-covered peak rising to 670 m at the end of a side ridge running south-southeast from Ticha Peak in central Bowles Ridge, Livingston Island. Surmounting Perunika Glacier to the west and southwest, and Huron Glacier to the east and southeast. It is named after the city of Montana in Northwestern Bulgaria.


The bluff is located at 62°37′24″S 60°10′56″W / 62.62333°S 60.18222°W / -62.62333; -60.18222Coordinates: 62°37′24″S 60°10′56″W / 62.62333°S 60.18222°W / -62.62333; -60.18222 which is next east of the south entrance of Omurtag Pass, 820 m south of Ticha Peak, 2.3 km west-southweat of Maritsa Peak, 1.77 km northwest of Kuzman Knoll, and 3.8 km northeast of Orpheus Gate (Bulgarian topographic survey Tangra 2004/05).



This article includes information from the Antarctic Place-names Commission of Bulgaria which is used with permission.