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Montclair Heights
Montclair Heights Station - February 2015.jpg
A westbound train departs Montclair Heights station in February 2015. The campus of Montclair State University is visible on the right side.
Coordinates40°51′27″N 74°12′09″W / 40.8576°N 74.2026°W / 40.8576; -74.2026Coordinates: 40°51′27″N 74°12′09″W / 40.8576°N 74.2026°W / 40.8576; -74.2026
Owned byNew Jersey Transit
Platforms2 low level side platforms with mini-high sections
ConnectionsNJT Bus NJT Bus: 28, 191, and 705
Commuter Bus DeCamp: 66
Parking67 spots
Bicycle facilitiesparking racks
Disabled accessYes
Other information
Station code1745 (Erie Railroad)[1]
Fare zone6
Openedby 1884[2]
ElectrifiedSeptember 30, 2002
Passengers (2017)350 (average weekday)[3][4]
Preceding station   NJT logo.svg NJ Transit Rail   Following station
toward Hackettstown
Montclair-Boonton Line
  Former services  
Preceding station   Erie Railroad   Following station
New York and Greenwood Lake Railroad
toward Jersey City

Montclair Heights is a New Jersey Transit station in Montclair, New Jersey along the Montclair-Boonton Line. The name of the station comes from the nearby community, which consists of parts of both Montclair and neighboring Clifton that share the Montclair Heights name.

Montclair Heights is also the highest station in Montclair by elevation, at approximately 365 feet (111 m) above sea level, and is along the First Watchung Mountain, two blocks from Mills Reservation, a park on the top of the mountain.

Depending on from where one takes the train, it is either the first or last stop of the six train stations in Montclair. The station is mile point 14.9 on the line. The station is between 36 and 53 minutes away from New York Penn Station, depending on how many stops the train makes, and between 35 and 45 minutes from Hoboken. The station is located on Normal Avenue at Carlisle Road, near the southwestern corner of Montclair State University's campus, and has several signs located trackside that call the station "Home of Montclair State University".

Prior to the construction of the Montclair State University station, Montclair Heights was used as a transfer station for trains heading west towards Dover and Hackettstown on the Montclair-Boonton Line. The reason for this was that all trains going to points north of the station were required to be diesel-powered, while trains going to New York Penn Station are all electric because of problems with diesel fumes in the tunnels under the Hudson River.

Station layout and service[edit]

Most weekday Montclair-Boonton trains stop here. Some trains after noon traveling between Hoboken and places between Dover and Hackettstown skip this station. All of the trains to or from New York, except the first inbound train in the early morning, stop here, and all trains going between Montclair State University and Hoboken stop here. Weekend service is not provided.

The present station was built by NJ Transit in 1998 and is accessible with a mini-high loading platform and ramp at the south end on both side platforms.

Platform level
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Outbound Montclair–Boonton Line weekdays toward Montclair University or Hackettstown (Montclair State University)
Inbound Montclair–Boonton Line weekdays toward Hoboken or New York (Mountain Avenue)
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Street level Ticket machine and parking

Bus connections[edit]

While not directly served by any buses, connections can be made from the station by walking one block to either nearby Montclair State University's bus stop or Valley Road. New Jersey Transit's 28, 191, and 705 buses as well as DeCamp's 66 bus all stop near the station.

Two routes of the Montclair State University shuttle stops at the Montclair Heights station and goes to points around the campus.

Bus number 28 goes between Newark Penn station and Montclair State University, on weekends to Willowbrook Mall. This bus also stops at the next three train stations, Mountain Avenue, Upper Montclair, and Watchung Avenue, and also three more down the line.

Bus Number 191 Goes from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan to Clifton, New Jersey and Willowbrook Mall. It also stops at Great Notch Station and Little Falls station.

Bus Number 705 goes between Passaic, New Jersey and Willowbrook Mall. It also stops at the Little Falls station.

DeCamp Bus Lines' route 66 stops on nearby Valley Road or at the University's bus stop, where some of the NJ Transit buses also go. It goes to New York City, and does not accept passengers to intermediate places, only New York.


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