Monte Arcibessi

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Monte Arcibessi
Mount Arcibessi in winter
Highest point
Elevation 907 m (2,976 ft)
Coordinates 37°01′49″N 14°43′00″E / 37.03028°N 14.71667°E / 37.03028; 14.71667Coordinates: 37°01′49″N 14°43′00″E / 37.03028°N 14.71667°E / 37.03028; 14.71667
Monte Arcibessi is located in Italy
Monte Arcibessi
Monte Arcibessi
Location Province of Ragusa, Italy
Parent range Hyblaean Mountains
Easiest route mountain walk from the road at Chiaramonte Gulfi.

Monte Arcibessi is a mountain located in the Sicilian province of Ragusa and is one of the highest peaks in the Hyblaen Mountain chain. It stretches between the Chiaramonte Gulfi and Ragusa communes. With its adjacent mountains, Monte Arcibessi is a part of the Miocene volcanic submarine complex, but they are no longer active.

There are fortified settlements (castellieri) of the Bronze age and Iron Age in the area of Monte Arcibessi. Prehistoric inhabitants, remnants of Archaic Greek settlements, signs from the Hellenistic and Roman periods and Byzantine and Medieval remains.

As one of the highest in the area, it is the site of numerous antenna installations for radio stations and television transmitters.

Icehouse near Monte Arcibessi.