Monte Baldo

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Monte Baldo
Monte Altissimo di Nago in the Monte Baldo range
Highest point
Elevation2,218 m (7,277 ft) [1]
Prominence1,950 m (6,400 ft) [2]
Coordinates45°43′35″N 10°50′38″E / 45.72639°N 10.84389°E / 45.72639; 10.84389Coordinates: 45°43′35″N 10°50′38″E / 45.72639°N 10.84389°E / 45.72639; 10.84389[2]
Monte Baldo is located in Italy
Monte Baldo
Monte Baldo
LocationVeneto, northern Italy
Parent rangeAlps, Brescia and Garda Prealps
Easiest routerock/snow climb

Monte Baldo is a mountain range in the Italian Alps, located in the provinces of Trento and Verona. Its ridge spans mainly northeast-southwest, and is bounded from south by the highland ending at Caprino Veronese, from west by Lake Garda, from north by the valley joining Rovereto to Nago-Torbole and, from east, the Val d'Adige.

The name derives from the German Wald ("forest"); it appears for the first time in a German map in 1163.

The Peace Trail (it: Sentiero della Pace), one of the most important long distance trails in Northern Italy, leads over the range.

The ridge is reachable through a cable car from the nearby town of Malcesine, on the shore of Lake Garda.


Mount Baldo is characterized by a geographical identity, a ridge parallel to Lake Garda, which stretches for 40 kilometres (25 miles), between the lake to the west and Val d'Adige to the east, and on the south it is bounded by plain Caprino and North Valley Loppio.

Mount Baldo reaches its maximum elevation of 2,218 m with the Cima Valdritta, and its minimum elevation of 65 m on Lake Garda. Other prominent peaks in the range are Monte Altissimo di Nago (2,079 m), Cima del Longino (2,180 m), Cima delle Pozzette (2,132 m) and Punta Telegrafo (2,200 m).

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Panorama of Monte Baldo viewed from the west.
Panoramic view from Monte Baldo looking west to Lake Garda.
Landscapes on Monte Baldo looking west to Lake Garda .