Monte Batalha

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Monte Batalha
Monte Batalha is located in Cape Verde
Monte Batalha
Monte Batalha
island of Maio, Cape Verde
Highest point
Elevation 294 m (965 ft)
Listing List of mountains in Cape Verde
Coordinates 15°12′04″N 23°11′12″W / 15.20111°N 23.18667°W / 15.20111; -23.18667Coordinates: 15°12′04″N 23°11′12″W / 15.20111°N 23.18667°W / 15.20111; -23.18667
Location island of Maio, Cape Verde

Monte Batalha is a mountain in the island of Maio in Cape Verde. Its elevation is 294 m. It is situated 4 km southeast of Calheta and 8 km northeast of the island capital Vila do Maio.

Its geology consists of the Batalha rock formation which includes its ocean crust, its rocks originated from tholeitic pillow lava. The rocks goes down 4 kilometers deep. The rocks in the lower part were formed as early is 113 million years ago during the Aptian era and forming Maio's oldest rock formation.[1]

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