Monte Bove (Chile)

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Montes Frances Bove y Roncagli.jpg
From left to right: Monte Francés, Monte Bove and Monte Roncagli. A minor peak between Monte Bove and Roncagli is named Monte Ada.
Highest point
Elevation 7,546 ft (2,300 m) [1]
Coordinates 54°51′48″S 69°05′33″W / 54.86333°S 69.09250°W / -54.86333; -69.09250Coordinates: 54°51′48″S 69°05′33″W / 54.86333°S 69.09250°W / -54.86333; -69.09250
Location Chile
Parent range Andes
First ascent 1963 by Eric Shipton, John Earle, Claudio Cortés and Peter Bruchhausen[2]

Monte Bove is an ice-capped mountain at the eastern end of the Cordillera Darwin, Chile. The summit was reached for the first time in 1963 by a team led by Eric Shipton. The second recorded ascent of Monte Bove was made in 1990.[2]


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