Monte Cara

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Monte Cara
Monte cara.JPG
Monte Cara from off Porto Grande in Mindelo
Highest point
Elevation 489 m (1,604 ft)
Prominence 247 m (810 ft) [1]
Coordinates 16°52′27″N 25°02′15″W / 16.87417°N 25.03750°W / 16.87417; -25.03750Coordinates: 16°52′27″N 25°02′15″W / 16.87417°N 25.03750°W / 16.87417; -25.03750
Monte Cara is located in Cape Verde
Monte Cara
Monte Cara
northwestern São Vicente

Monte Cara is a mountain in the island of São Vicente, Cape Verde. Its elevation is 489 m. It is situated 5 km west of the island capital Mindelo, and falls steeply to the Atlantic Ocean to its north. The name means "the face mountain", for its resemblance of a reclining giant's face.

The song Monte Cara was featured in the album Voz d'Amor (2003)[2] by Cesária Évora

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  1. ^ Parent peak is Monte Carrachiça (569 m), key col elevation is 242 m.
  2. ^ "Voz d'Amor at AllMusic". 

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