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Monte Carlo biscuits are a sweet biscuit that have been manufactured since 1926 by Arnott's Biscuits Holdings.

These biscuits are made with two oval shaped Golden Syrup, honey and coconut biscuits joined by a layer of vanilla flavoured cream covered with raspberry jam. At an average mass of 20.8 grams each, the Monte Carlo is the heaviest biscuit available in Arnott's Assorted Cream product.

They were named after the city of Monte Carlo.


Arnott's identified trans fatty acids as an important issue over a decade ago[when?]. They then took action to reduce the level of TFAs in their biscuits. They replaced the partially hydrogenated animal fats with vegetable oils. MSG is naturally present in many foods. Monte Carlo products contain added MSG and labels them as flavor enhancers. Arnott's uses sea salt derived from South Australia's evaporating seawater. Lecithin, which is present in Monte Carlo biscuits, comes from soybeans and is a very common emulsifier in many foods.[1]


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