Monte Ceneri

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Monte Ceneri
Passo del Monte Ceneri.jpg
Monte Ceneri looking north
Elevation 554 m (1,818 ft)[1]
Traversed by Road, rail
Location Ticino, Switzerland
Range Lugano Prealps
Coordinates 46°8′21″N 8°54′24″E / 46.13917°N 8.90667°E / 46.13917; 8.90667Coordinates: 46°8′21″N 8°54′24″E / 46.13917°N 8.90667°E / 46.13917; 8.90667
Monte Ceneri is located in Switzerland
Monte Ceneri
Location in Switzerland

Monte Ceneri is a mountain pass in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. It connects the Magadino plain and the Vedeggio valley across the Lugano Prealps at an elevation of 554 metres (1,818 ft) above sea level. In so doing, it provides the most direct route between the cities of Bellinzona and Lugano.[1] Despite its name (monte is the Italian word for "mountain"), Monte Ceneri is the lowest point on the crest between Monte Tamaro and the Camoghè.[2]

Two tunnels have been dug under Monte Ceneri, the Monte Ceneri Road Tunnel for the A2 motorway and the Monte Ceneri Rail Tunnel for the Gotthard railway. A new rail tunnel, the Ceneri Base Tunnel, is currently under construction that will connect Camorino near Bellinzona and Vezia near Lugano.[1][3]

The pass is situated in the recently created municipality of Monteceneri and the district of Lugano. The Monte Ceneri radio transmitter is located close to the pass.[1]

The larger part of Ticino, which lies to the north of Monte Ceneri and includes the valley of the Ticino river and the cities of Bellinzona and Locarno, is often referred to as the Sopraceneri (above the Ceneri). The smaller part to the south, which includes Lugano, Mendrisio and Chiasso, takes the name Sottoceneri (under the Ceneri).

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