Monte Cocuzzo

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Monte Cocuzzo
Monte Cocuzzo seen from the countryside of Belmonte Calabro
Highest point
Elevation1,541 m (5,056 ft)
Coordinates39°13′07″N 16°07′59″E / 39.21861°N 16.13306°E / 39.21861; 16.13306Coordinates: 39°13′07″N 16°07′59″E / 39.21861°N 16.13306°E / 39.21861; 16.13306
Monte Cocuzzo is located in Italy
Monte Cocuzzo
Monte Cocuzzo
Monte Cocuzzo is located in Calabria
Monte Cocuzzo
Monte Cocuzzo
Monte Cocuzzo (Calabria)
Parent rangeCatena Costiera, Calabrian Apennines

Monte Cocuzzo is a mountain in the Catena Costiera in the Calabrian Apennines, in the province of Cosenza, southern Italy. It has an elevation of 1,541 m.

The name derives from the Latin Cacutium, in turn from the Greek κακός κύτος, meaning "bad stone" or "bad hole", referring to its alleged volcanic origin (shown also by its conical shape). Geologically, however, Monte Cocuzzo consists of sedimentary strata, mostly dolomite.