Monte Consolino

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Monte Consolino
Monte Consolino.jpg
Monte Consolino seen from Bivongi.
Highest point
Elevation 701 m (2,300 ft)
Coordinates 38°17′06″N 16°16′28″E / 38.28500°N 16.27444°E / 38.28500; 16.27444Coordinates: 38°17′06″N 16°16′28″E / 38.28500°N 16.27444°E / 38.28500; 16.27444
Monte Consolino is located in Italy
Monte Consolino
Monte Consolino
Calabria, Italy
Parent range Serre Calabresi

Monte Consolino is a mountain in the Serre Calabresi range, in the Vallata dello Stilaro of south-western Calabria, in southern Italy. Monte Consolino has an altitude of 701 metres (2,300 ft).


At the foot of Monte Consolino feet is the town of Stilo. The town of Pazzano is located nearby between this mountain and Monte Stella. Bivongi is also. It is separated from the Monte Mammicomito by a narrow valley, in which is the town of Pazzano.


On the mountain's top are the stone ruins of the Norman castle built by Roger II of Sicily (1095—1154). Just below, are the ruins of the 'so-called' Byzantine kastrum.

Landscape at the top of Monte Consolino, with the Norman Castle ruins.
Stone walls of the Norman Castle, built by Roger II of Sicily.