Monte Moro Pass

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Monte Moro Pass
MonteRosaEastside viewedFromMonteMoroPass.JPG
View of Monte Rosa from the pass
Elevation2,853 m (9,360 ft)[1]
Traversed byTrail
LocationValais, Switzerland
Piedmont, Italy
RangePennine Alps
Coordinates45°59′53″N 7°58′53″E / 45.99806°N 7.98139°E / 45.99806; 7.98139Coordinates: 45°59′53″N 7°58′53″E / 45.99806°N 7.98139°E / 45.99806; 7.98139
Monte Moro Pass is located in Alps
Monte Moro Pass
Monte Moro Pass
Location in the Alps

The Monte Moro Pass (German: Monte Moropass, Italian: Passo del Monte Moro) is an Alpine pass located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. It connects Saas-Almagell in the Swiss canton of Valais to Macugnaga in the Italian region of Piedmont. The pass lies at the foot of Monte Moro.

Historically the Monte Moro is an important border crossing between the valleys of Saas and Macugnaga. It is traversed by a trail and is one of the highest passes on the Monte Rosa Tour.


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