Monte Plata Province

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Monte Plata
Flag of Monte Plata
Coat of arms of Monte Plata
Coat of arms
Location of the Monte Plata Province
Location of the Monte Plata Province
Country Dominican Republic
Province since1991
CapitalMonte Plata
 • TypeSubdivisions
 • Body5 municipalities
6 municipal districts
 • Congresspersons1 Senator
4 Deputies
 • Total2,632.14 km2 (1,016.27 sq mi)
 • Total222,641
 • Density85/km2 (220/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-4 (AST)
Area code1-809 1-829 1-849
ISO 3166-2DO-29
Postal Code92000

Monte Plata (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈmonte ˈplata]) is a province of the Dominican Republic, and also the name of its capital city. It was split from San Cristóbal in 1992.

Municipalities and municipal districts[edit]

The province as of June 20, 2006 is divided into the following municipalities (municipios) and municipal districts (distrito municipal - D.M.) within them:[1]


The following is a sortable table of the municipalities and municipal districts with population figures as of the 2012 census. Urban population are those living in the seats (cabeceras literally heads) of municipalities or of municipal districts. Rural population are those living in the districts (Secciones literally sections) and neighborhoods (Parajes literally places) outside of them.[2] For comparison with the municipalities and municipal districts of other provinces see the list of municipalities and municipal districts of the Dominican Republic.

Name Total population Urban population Rural population
Bayaguana 34,786 19,001 15,785
Monte Plata 57,553 26,898 30,655
Peralvillo 20,048 7,558 12,490
Sabana Grande de Boyá 30,085 20,430 9,655
Yamasá 57,982 30,544 27,438
Monte Plata province 200,454 104,431 96,023


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