Monte Reale

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Monte Reale
Monte reale dal bric dell'aiuola.jpg
Mount Reale seen from Bric dell'Aiuola
Highest point
Elevation 902 m (2,959 ft) [1]
Coordinates 44°37′44″N 8°58′12″E / 44.62889°N 8.97000°E / 44.62889; 8.97000Coordinates: 44°37′44″N 8°58′12″E / 44.62889°N 8.97000°E / 44.62889; 8.97000
Monte Reale is located in Italy
Monte Reale
Monte Reale
Location in Italy
Location Liguria, Italy
Parent range Ligurian Appennines

Monte Reale is a mountain of the Ligurian Apennines. It is located in the Province of Genoa along the watershed between the basin of the Scrivia Torrent and that of the Vobbia, its tributary to the right. It is situated in the more western part of the Regional Natural Park of Antola and flows into the municipal territories of Ronco Scrivia and Isola del Cantone.

Description and historical notes[edit]

The summit of the mountain during the Middle Ages was occupied by a castle, which has vanished today. In its place is now found a sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna of Loreto, built between 1858 and 1868. Attached to the religious structure there is a small shelter present, which is always open and equipped with 8 bed stations. A rural cableway on the Scrivia side it utilized in case of the need to transport materials. Its relatively modest altitude notwithstanding, Monte Reale is, thanks to its isolated position and distance from taller mountains, an exceptional panoramic point. On clear days, the range may be observed from the forts of Genoa to the Maritime Alps and from Monte Rosa to the Adamello, and it may be seen as far as Corsica.


Monte Reale may be easily accessed from Ronco Scrivia by following an itinerary which, departing from the railway station, transits through the hamlet of Cascine. Another path instead follows the Vobbia-Scrivia watershed departing from the small center of Minceto.

A free mountain hut all-year open is located next to the church.[2]


The mountain since 1989 is included in the Parco naturale regionale dell'Antola.[3]


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