Monte Sacro

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The Ponte Nomentano

Monte Sacro (Latin:Mons Sacer) is a hill in Rome, Italy on the banks of the river Aniene, some kilometres to the north-east of the Campidoglio. It popularly derives its name from being the site of rituals by augurs or haruspices and gives its name to Rome's Monte Sacro quarter.


Plebeian revolt (494 BC)[edit]

In 494 BC a class struggle took place in ancient Rome during which the lower class plebs seceded from the city and made camp on Mons Sacer. The secession led to a negotiated settlement with the upper class patricians, and as a result the plebeians were given increased rights including the right to elect their own magistrates, named tribunes.

Coordinates: 41°56′27″N 12°31′57″E / 41.9408°N 12.5325°E / 41.9408; 12.5325