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Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College
Monte Sant'Angelo Mercy College crest. Source: (Monte website)
North Sydney, New South Wales
Australia Australia
Coordinates 33°50′9″S 151°12′24″E / 33.83583°S 151.20667°E / -33.83583; 151.20667Coordinates: 33°50′9″S 151°12′24″E / 33.83583°S 151.20667°E / -33.83583; 151.20667
Type Private, Day school
Motto Latin: Religio Scientia Cultus
("Religion, Knowledge, Culture")
Denomination Roman Catholic
Established 1875
Founder Mother Ignatius McQuoin
Chairman Mr Steven Rubic
Principal Mrs Nicole Christensen
Staff ~96[1]
Grades 712[1]
Gender Girls
Enrolment ~1200 girls
Colour(s) Blue and White         

Monte Sant'Angelo Mercy College (commonly referred to as Monte Sant'Angelo or Monte) is an Independent, Roman Catholic, secondary day school for girls, located in North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1875, Monte is the oldest independent girls school on Sydney's North Shore,[2] and currently caters for approximately 1,090 students from Years 7 to 12.

The college is affiliated with the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA),[3] the Australasian Mercy Secondary Schools Association (AMSSA),[4] the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia (AGSA),[5] and is an affiliate member of the Association of Heads of Independent Girls' Schools (AHIGS).[6]

Since 2007, Monte has offered its students the option of the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) program. Including the MYP and SYP programs.[7][8]


Monte Sant'Angelo is the oldest independent girls' school on Sydney's North Shore. The college was established in 1865, on the corner of Miller and McLaren Street, North Sydney, by Mother Ignatius McQuoin of the Sisters of Mercy.[9]

By 1879, the school had outgrown its original site and subsequently moved to its current location at Miller Street. The name of the College is taken from Monte Sant'Angelo, a centre of religion, culture and learning in Gargano, Italy.[9]


Period Details[6]
1865 – 1885 Mother M. Ignatius McQuoin
1893 – 1896 Mother M. Stanislaus Real
1896 – 1902 Mother M. Aloysius Casey
1902 – 1908 Mother M. Gertrude McLaughlin
1908 – 1911 Mother M. Aloysius Casey
1911 – 1912 Mother M. Patrick Halloway
1912 – 1922 Sr M. Ambrose Geary
1923 – 1946 Sr M. Clement Flanagan
1947 – 1972 Sr M. Baptista Rankin
1973 – 1994 Sr Maureen McGuirk
1994 – 1999 Sr Sharon Price
2000 – 2003 Mrs Beverley Johnson
2004 – 2014 Ms Catherine Alcock
2014 – Present Ms Nicole Christensen


Monte Sant'Angelo is situated on a single campus centrally located in North Sydney. The college facilities include multi-purpose courts, a library, a religious education centre, a creative arts and technology building, music rooms, a chapel, and an indoor swimming pool in McQuoin Center and sports centre.[10]



Monte offers a variety of sporting activities to its students. These include:


Monte has six colour houses named after patron saints and prominent Sisters of Mercy. These houses compete against each other in school events such as Swimming Carnivals, Athletics Carnivals and House Plays.

  • Aquinas (Gold)
  • McQuoin (Blue)
  • McAuley (Green)
  • McGuirk (Purple)
  • Xavier (Red)
  • Rankin (Orange)

Notable alumnae[edit]

Media, entertainment and the arts
Politics, public service and the law
Science and medicine


Monte associates with all-boys schools such as Aloysius, Marist, Shore, Riverview and Joeys to create a musical. The musical "Annie" was a huge hit 2008, as it is a well-known musical. In 2009, the Broadway musical "Les Miserables" was performed with a collaboration from Aloys and St. Mary's male students. Receiving outstanding reviews from the public, the school musicals are performed every second year. In 2012 Monte collaborated with local boys schools to produce a stage version of "Beauty and the Beast" and in 2014, "Hairspray". In 2018 Monte collaborated with other local boys schools for their production of "High School Musical".

House Plays[edit]

The most popular performing act in Monte is 'House Plays'; a type of musical that each colour house choreographs and later performs. The plays are run entirely by the year eleven students, who choose music, dance routines, story line and performance costumes for their house. Although the plays are not compulsory (excluding year seven who must participate) they are vastly popular amongst the school, and many students look forward to the event each year. Practices are held on Fridays and Saturdays at the school, however only lasts over four weeks, making the entire process very busy and often stressful. The performance is generally held on a Saturday, with a matinee performance added to the schedule in 2009. The criteria of House Plays are usually the theme and message, but visuals and music are also judged, generally with a large amount of controversy over the final decision.

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