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Monte Senario

Coordinates: 43°53′43″N 11°20′01″E / 43.8953°N 11.3335°E / 43.8953; 11.3335
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Monte Senario
stairs to a small courtyard, at the back a building with a bell-tower and clock
Monte Senario is located in Tuscany
Monte Senario
Location within Tuscany
Monastery information
Other names
  • Santuario di Montesenario
  • Convento di Montesenario
Establishedcirca 1245
StatusMinor basilica
LocationVaglia, Tuscany, Italy
Coordinates43°53′43″N 11°20′01″E / 43.8953°N 11.3335°E / 43.8953; 11.3335
Public accessexterior

Monte Senario is a Servite monastery in the comune of Vaglia, near Florence in Tuscany, in central Italy.[1] It stands on the mountain of the same name, on the watershed between the Valdarno to the south and the Mugello to the north. It was established in 1245 by the seven founding members of the Servite order[2]: 153  and was the first Servite monastery.

The stairs to the monastery


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