Monte Grande (Sal)

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Monte Grande
Monte Grande, Sal.jpg
Monte Grande
Highest point
Elevation 405.3 m (1,330 ft) [1]
Listing List of mountains in Cape Verde
Coordinates 16°49′15″N 22°54′36″W / 16.82083°N 22.91000°W / 16.82083; -22.91000Coordinates: 16°49′15″N 22°54′36″W / 16.82083°N 22.91000°W / 16.82083; -22.91000[1]
Monte Grande is located in Cape Verde
Monte Grande
Monte Grande
northern Sal
Mountain type Stratovolcano

Monte Grande (Portuguese meaning “big mountain”), also known as Monte Vermelho is a mountain in the northern part of the island of Sal in Cape Verde. It is situated 8 km northeast of the island capital Espargos. At 405 m elevation, it is the highest point of the island. It is a protected landscape because of its geological value, its area covers 1,320 ha and the boundaries are 16.569 km long.[2]

Two or three track roads connect the mountain. It geology are made up of recent volcanic material, notably with the presence of pillo lavas in the western side. This kind of feature exists on some other islands. Nearby peaks includes Monte Sal (309 m), a small hill formation in the west is Morrinho de Açúcar.[3]

The geology consists of the Monte Grande-Pedra Lume formation which consists of olivine nephelite rocks and olivine melilithite rocks, its rocks were formed around 4.5 to 1.06 million years ago.

During the Ice Age up to around 10000-9000BC, its elevation was over 500 meters.

A species of Arctiid moths known as Eilema aistleitneri are founded in the area, the earliest date of discovery is unknown, they were described in 2013.[4]

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