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View of Montejurra from the Monastery of Irache
Highest point
Elevation 1,042 m (3,419 ft)
Coordinates 42°37′52″N 02°02′41″W / 42.63111°N 2.04472°W / 42.63111; -2.04472Coordinates: 42°37′52″N 02°02′41″W / 42.63111°N 2.04472°W / 42.63111; -2.04472
Montejurra is located in Spain
Location in Spain
Location Navarre, Spain
Parent range Basque Mountains

Montejurra in Spanish and Jurramendi in Basque are the names of a mountain in Navarre region (Spain). Each year, it hosts a Carlist celebration in remembrance of the 1873 Battle of Montejurra during the Third Carlist War. In 2004, approximately 1,000 persons turned out.

On 9 May 1976 during the Spanish Transition, far right-wing gunmen supported by the Spanish secret services, killed two people at the Carlist Party celebration at a time when it was drifting toward left-leaning positions. This became known as the Montejurra Incidents.

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