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Montenegrin Third League
Country  Montenegro
Confederation UEFA
Founded 2006
Number of teams 21
(3 regional leagues)
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to Montenegrin Second League
Domestic cup(s) Montenegrin Regional Cups, Montenegrin Cup
Current champions Polimlje, Čelik, Otrant
Most championships Pljevlja (3 titles), Iskra (3), Otrant (3)

The Third League of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Treća Crnogorska Liga / Трећа црногорска лига) is the third and lowest tier football league in Montenegro. It is headed by Regional Football Associations (Northern Region Association,[1] Central Region Association,[2] Southern Region Association[3]), under the Football Association of Montenegro. At the season 2015/16, 22 teams participate in this league, divided in three regions. Top team from each region qualifies for the playoff from which top 2 teams qualify for the Second League of Montenegro.


Regional leagues as a lowest tier competition in Montenegro, are founded in 1968. Until now, format and system of competition is not changed. At the period from 1968 to 2006, it was fourth or fifth level of competition in SFR Yugoslavia, FR Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro. Following Montenegrin independence (2006), regional leagues became the third tier in the organisation of domestic football competitions.
From 1961 until now, league is divided on three regions - North (clubs from territories of Berane, Bijelo Polje, Gusinje, Mojkovac, Petnjica, Plav, Pljevlja, Rožaje and Žabljak) Central (Podgorica with Golubovci and Tuzi, Danilovgrad, Kolašin, Nikšić, Plužine and Šavnik) and South (Bar, Budva, Cetinje, Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat and Ulcinj).
At period 1961-2006, winners of three regional leagues were promoted to Montenegrin Republic League (3rd tier) or played Montenegrin football playoffs.

Champions (2006-)[edit]

After independence of Montenegro, regional leagues, with the same format and divisions, became Third League, and also a lowest tier of competition. At the end of season, champions of each region qualifies for the playoff from which top 2 teams qualify for the Second League of Montenegro. Since 2006 champions of Third League were:

Season North Center South
2006/07 FK Tekstilac FK Iskra FK Otrant
2007/08 FK Polimlje FK Ribnica FK Mornar
2008/09 FK Gusinje FK Zora OFK Bar
2009/10 FK Pljevlja FK Iskra FK Cetinje
2010/11 FK Petnjica FK Blue Star FK Igalo
2011/12 FK Pljevlja FK Zora FK Arsenal
2012/13 FK Pljevlja FK Kom FK Cetinje
2013/14 FK Radnički FK Iskra OFK Federal
2014/15 FK Brskovo FK Grafičar FK Sloga Radovići
2015/16 FK Polimlje FK Čelik FK Otrant

Full list of champions of regional leagues before 2006, is available on the page Montenegrin clubs in Yugoslav football competitions (1946-2006).

Season 2016-17[edit]

During the season 2016/17, Third league is divided in three regions. Among them, 9 participants are on North region, 7 on Central and 6 on South region.

North region[edit]

The North Region League is organised by Football Association of Northern Region (cities of Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Berane, Rožaje, Plav, Gusinje, Mojkovac, Andrijevica, Žabljak, Šavnik and Plužine).

During the season 2016/17, there are 9 clubs competing in Northern region. New members of competition are FK Brskovo (relegated from Montenegrin Second League) and OFK Borac Bijelo Polje (new-founded club).

Team Location Stadium Capacity
FK Brskovo Mojkovac Gradski 2,000
FK Gusinje Gusinje Gradski 1,500
FK Polimlje Murino Gradski 300
FK Komovi Andrijevica Prljanije 300
OFK Borac Bijelo Polje Gradski 5,000
FK Petnjica Petnjica Gusare 1,000
FK Pljevlja Pljevlja Pod Golubinjom 5,140
FK Napredak Berane Gradski 10,000
FK Fair Play Bijelo Polje Gradski 5,000

Central region[edit]

The Central Region League is organised by Football Association of the Central Region of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Fudbalski savez Srednje regije Crne Gore or Srednja regija FSCG).[4] The Central region covers approximately 70% of Montenegrin football territory. The municipalities within Central region include: Podgorica Capital City, Nikšić, Danilovgrad, Mojkovac, Plužine and Kolašin, as well as Tuzi and Golubovci.

There are 7 clubs competing in Montenegrin Third League - Central region during the season 2016/17. New member is FK Blue Star Podgorica, which is reactivated during the summer 2016.

Team Location Stadium Capacity
FK Zabjelo Podgorica Zabjelo 500
FK Crvena Stijena Podgorica Tološi 700
FK Ribnica Podgorica Kamp FSCG 1,050
FK Gorštak Kolašin Lug 1,900
OFK Mladost Lješkopolje Donja Gorica Stari ribnjak 1,200
FK Blue Star Podgorica Kasarna Masline 800
FK Drezga Drezga Drezga -

South region[edit]

Third league - South 2015/16

The South Region League is organised by Football Association of the Southern Region of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Fudbalski savez Južne regije Crne Gore or Južna regija FSCG). The municipalities within Southern region include: Cetinje, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Tivat, Budva, Bar and Ulcinj.

During the season 2016/17, there are 5 clubs competing in Northern region, without any new member since previous season.

Team Location Stadium Capacity
FK Arsenal Tivat Park 2,000
FK Hajduk Bar Topolica 2,500
FK Sloga Bar Stari Bar Topolica 2,500
FK Sloga Radovići Radovići Radovići 300
FK Mogren Budva Lugovi 1,500

Promotion playoff[edit]

Following the Montenegrin independence, from the season 2006/07, champions of three regional leagues are playing in the playoffs for Montenegrin Second League promotion. Every team is playing four matches, and at the end, two best-placed teams are promoted to a higher rank. Playoffs are playing after the regular season, at the end of May and start of June.

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