Montenegrin parliamentary election, 1914

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Parliamentary elections were held in Montenegro on 11 January 1914.[1] The People's Party won with the platform of union with Serbia, whilst the governing True People's Party won just four elected seats. The Working Bloc coalition led by the People's Party, which won an absolute majority of votes, formed a parliamentary majority in alliance with the Mijušković Group and the Unified Serb Youth that held 44 seats.


Party Seats
Elected Appointed Total
People's Party 25 0 25
Mijušković Group[a] 17 0 17
True People's Party 4 2 6
Unified Serb Youth 2 0 2
Independents 0 12 12
Total 48 14 62

a Former Rightists, members of the True People's Party that have rejoined the People's Party


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