Monterey's Fish House

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Monterey's Fish House
Monterey's Fish House logo.png
Restaurant information
Owner(s)DiGirolamo family[1]
Head chefG. Garvin[2]
Food typeSeafood
Dress codeCasual
Street address2114 Del Monte Ave
CountyMonterey County
Postal/ZIP Code93940
CountryUnited States
Coordinates36°36′08″N 121°51′57″W / 36.602115°N 121.865760°W / 36.602115; -121.865760

Monterey's Fish House is a seafood restaurant in Monterey, California in the United States.


Monterey's Fish House is owned by David DiGirolamo.[3] DiGirolamo's Sicilian ancestry influences select dishes on the restaurant's menu.[4]

In 2014, Monterey's Fish House was in Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. In the episode, star Guy Fieri learns how to make oak grilled oysters and Sicilian Holiday Pasta.[2]

Design and ambiance[edit]

The restaurant is located in a former house.[5] Its exterior is a salmon pink color. The interior is decorated in photographs of fishermen from Sicily.[6] The restaurant often "packed" with people, according to Fodor's requiring people to make reservations and/or wait for tables at the bar or outside in a line.[4][7] Lonely Planet describes the restaurant as "island-casual."[6] Fodor's calls Monterey's Fish House "casual yet stylish."[7] Monterey's Fish House has also been described as having an "Old-school Italian vibe."[4]


Monterey's Fish House is a seafood restaurant. The restaurant calls its food "home-style." David DiGirolamo calls the food "simple" with garlic and basil being the primary spices used in preparing dishes.[3]

Appetizers include fresh oak-wood grilled or barbecued oysters, clam chowder and Monterey Bay calamari and local prawns.[5][2][6][4][8][promotion?]

The main entrees include a selection of fresh caught seafood, including swordfish and baby octopus, either grilled over oak or blackened.[2][8] The spice rub used on the blackened fish is described by Monterey County Now as "cozy at first – a gentle drift of smoke, a faint bitter trace and the glow of embers at dusk, a low, grumbling warmth from cayenne and paprika. Yet there is a welcoming balance of dry herbs and gloaming earth. It’s layered and elusive and beautifully crafted."[9] Additional fish offerings can include snapper, halibut and albacore tuna.[4][3]

The restaurant's house speciality is its Sicilian Holiday Pasta (a "cioppino over pasta"[5] with seasonal fish with clams, mussels, prawns, calamari and octopus) and squid steak.[2][6] All of their pasta's are made inhouse.[5]


Travel writers Buz Bezore and Christina Waters describe Monterey's Fish House as having "fantastically fresh" seafood while being "off the beaten path" from Monterey's touristy areas.[5] Dorling Kindersley's travel guides call the restaurant "casual but classy."[10] Restaurant was named "Best Seafood" restaurant by The Salinas Californian in 2003 and 2005.[11][12]


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