Monterrey La Raza (1992–2001)

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For other uses, see Monterrey La Raza.
Monterrey La Raza
Monterrey La Raza
Full name Monterrey La Raza
Founded 1992
Dissolved 2000
Stadium Monterrey Tech Gym
Ground Capacity 3,500
League Continental Indoor Soccer League
World Indoor Soccer League

The original Monterrey La Raza (Spanish: La Raza de Monterrey) was a professional indoor soccer team based in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. The team was founded on December 29, 1992 as a member of the Continental Indoor Soccer League. After the CISL folded, the La Raza took one season off and attempted to join the National Professional Soccer League before joining the World Indoor Soccer League in 1999. The team folded after it was expelled from the WISL before the 2001 season due to the lack of progress on building Arena Monterrey.[1]



  • 1995 CISL: Monterrey defeated the Sacramento Knights 12–6, 4–5 (OT), 10–7 to win series 2–1.
  • 1996 CISL: Monterrey defeated the Houston Hotshots 10–6, 6–5 to win series 2–1 in the minigames.
  • 2000 WISL: Monterrey defeated the Dallas Sidekicks 6–5 in shootouts.

Division Titles

  • 1995 Eastern Division
  • 1996 Eastern Division
  • 1997 Eastern Division
  • 2000 WISL Regular Season


League Champions Runners-Up Division Champions* Playoff Berth
Year League Reg. Season Playoffs Avg. attendance
1993 CISL 4th 15–13 Semifinals 2,967
1994 CISL 2nd Eastern 17–11 Semifinals 3,374
1995 CISL 1st Eastern 23–5 Won Championship 3,137
1996 CISL 1st Eastern 18–10 Won Championship 2,447
1997 CISL 1st Eastern 20–8 Semifinals 2,684
1999 WISL 3rd WISL, 14–8 Semifinals 2,764
2000 WISL 1st WISL, 20–4 Won Championship 3,157

Home Arena[edit]

The Monterrey Tech Gym was the home turf for La Raza. It had a playing surface of 162 x 82.

La Raza game at the Monterrey Tech in 2000 Season.