Montes Spitzbergen

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Montes Spitzbergen
Montes Spitzbergen (LRO).png
Highest point
ListingLunar mountains
Coordinates34°25′N 5°13′W / 34.42°N 5.22°W / 34.42; -5.22
English translationSpitzbergen ("sharp peaks") Mountains
Language of nameGerman, Latin
Locationthe Moon
Oblique view from Apollo 15, facing north
Another view from Apollo 15, with Mons Pico β on the horizon

Montes Spitzbergen (Latin for "Spitzbergen Mountains") is a solitary mountain chain in the eastern Mare Imbrium of the Moon. They are located about a crater diameter to the north of the prominent flooded crater Archimedes.

The selenographic coordinates of this range are 35.0° N, 5.0° W, and they lie within a diameter of 60 km. The range trends from south to north, and they have a maximum width of about 25 km. This range consists of a number of peaks separated by lava-flooded valleys. This range is most likely the surviving rim or inner ring of an impact crater that has been buried under magma flows.

This range was so named by Mary Blagg for their resemblance to the jagged terrestrial mountains of the Spitzbergen island group. The name was approved by the IAU in 1961.[1]

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Montes Spitzbergen.

Spitzbergen Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 32.71° N 7.1° W 6.13 km
C 32.88° N 8.81° W 6.27 km
D 33.3° N 8.76° W 3.18 km


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