Montes de León

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Montes de León
Teleno desde Astorga.jpg
Montes de León rising behind Astorga
Highest point
Peak Teleno
Elevation 2,188 m (7,178 ft)
Coordinates 42°30′N 06°18′W / 42.500°N 6.300°W / 42.500; -6.300Coordinates: 42°30′N 06°18′W / 42.500°N 6.300°W / 42.500; -6.300
Montes de León is located in Spain
Montes de León
Montes de León
Location in Spain
Country Spain
Communities Castile and León
Parent range Macizo Galaico-Leonés

The Montes de León (Spanish for "mountains of León", named after the ancient Kingdom of León) is a mountain range in north-western Spain, in the province of León. This range is located at the confluence of the Cantabrian Mountains and the Macizo Galaico. The summits of the range are often covered with snow in the winter.

The highest peak is Teleno, at 2,188 metres (7,178 ft). Other important summits are Cabeza de la Yegua 2,142 metres (7,028 ft), Peña Trevinca 2,124 metres (6,969 ft) and Vizcodillo 2,121 metres (6,959 ft).

The Sierra de la Cabrera is a subrange of the Montes de León.

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