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The de Montesquiou family is a very old French nobility family from Gascony. Its motto is: "Deo duce et ferro comite". This translates from Latin as "God as guide and my sword as companion,"

The family divided in several branches, but nowaday only remains the branch of d'Artagnan

Through the centuries, the Montesquiou family produced one field marshals, one admiral, one Cardinal, one archbishop, four generals, four bishops, one minister, several diplomats.

In 1777 Louis XVI allowed the Montesquiou family to change its name as de Montesquiou-Fezensac.

In 2011 for certain members of the d'Artagnan changed their name as de Montesquiou-Fezesensac d'Artagnan.

The titles of the Marsan line (extinct) were:

  • baron of the Empire (1809)[1]
  • count of Montesquiou (1817)[2]).
  • duke of Fezensac in 1821 and 1832 (title extinct in 1913 with Philippe André, third duke of Fezensac[2]).

The titles of the d'Artagnan line are:

  • count of the Empire (1809 and 1810)[1]
  • baron of the Empire (1809 et 1810)[1]
  • baron-pair (1824)[1]

The title of the Montluc family (now extinct) that came from the Montesquiou family were:

  • count of Montluc (1563)
  • prince of Chabanais (1598)

Notable members[edit]