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Montferland Run is an annual 15-kilometres road running competition held in 's-Heerenberg, Montferland, Netherlands. It was first organised in 1996 and typically takes place on the first Sunday in December. The 2010 edition of the race was cancelled due to severe weather conditions.[1]

Unlike many elite level road races, the course for the Montferland Run is a difficult, hilly one which does not easily allow for internationally fast times. The start and finish point of the race is in the old town area of 's-Heerenberg. The course has traces a circuit through the Montferland Forest and passes the small, nearby villages of Stokkum, Beek and Zeddam.[2] The race includes both elite athlete and fun runners, and there is also a shorter 7.5 km race. In order to preserve the surrounding environment and retain the character of the races, the competition is limited to 3500 entries per year.[3]

The course records for the 15 km race are held by East African athletes: Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya ran the men's record of 42:25 minutes in 2012 and Ethiopian Bezunesh Bekele's run of 48:32 minutes in 2005 is the best women's time.[3][4]

The course was previously sponsored by the Wincanton Group and its current sponsor (since 2010) is JCL Logistics.[5]

Past winners[edit]

Key:       Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Nationality Time (m:s) Women's winner Nationality Time (m:s)
19th 2014 Hiskel Tewelde  Eritrea 43:26 Askale Merachi  Ethiopia 50:42
18th 2013 Patrick Ereng  Kenya 43:00 Cynthia Kosgei  Ethiopia 49:45
17th 2012 Geoffrey Mutai  Kenya 42:25 Atsede Baysa  Ethiopia 49:15
16th 2011 Philip Langat  Kenya 42:34 Abebech Afework  Ethiopia 49:19
15th 2010 Cancelled due to bad weather
14th 2009 Nicholas Manza  Kenya 42:38 Caroline Kilel  Kenya 49:57
13th 2008 Dereje Tesfaye  Ethiopia 43:27 Lornah Kiplagat  Netherlands 48:49
12th 2007 Haile Gebrselassie  Ethiopia 42:36 Deriba Alemu  Ethiopia 48:50
11th 2006 Deriba Merga  Ethiopia 42:48 Hilda Kibet  Kenya 51:50
10th 2005 Hailu Mekonnen  Ethiopia 43:09 Bezunesh Bekele  Ethiopia 48:32
9th 2004 Tadesse Feyissa  Ethiopia 43:28 Bezunesh Bekele  Ethiopia 48:35
8th 2003 Richard Yatich  Kenya 43:20 Ayelech Worku  Ethiopia 50:58
7th 2002 William Kipsang  Kenya 44:33 Restituta Joseph  Tanzania 51:15
6th 2001 Kenenisa Bekele  Ethiopia 42:42 Sandra Van Den Haesevelde  Belgium 52:15
5th 2000 Kenenisa Bekele  Ethiopia 43:09 Irma Heeren  Netherlands 51:03
4th 1999 Felix Limo  Kenya 44:08 Nadezhda Wijenberg  Netherlands 50:59
3rd 1998 Tesfaye Tola  Ethiopia 44:05 Mieke Pullen  Netherlands 54:50
2nd 1997 Fransua Woldemariam  Ethiopia 45:06 Mieke Pullen  Netherlands 53:03
1st 1996 Michiel Otten  Netherlands 44:54 Isabelle Heusinkveld  Netherlands 57:02

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