Montfield Hospital

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Montfield Hospital
NHS Shetland
Montfield Hospital (geograph 5887572).jpg
Montfield Hospital
Montfield Hospital is located in Shetland
Montfield Hospital
Shown in Shetland
LocationBurgh Road, Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland
Coordinates60°09′13″N 1°09′06″W / 60.1536°N 1.1517°W / 60.1536; -1.1517Coordinates: 60°09′13″N 1°09′06″W / 60.1536°N 1.1517°W / 60.1536; -1.1517
Care systemNHS Scotland
ListsHospitals in Scotland

The Montfield Hospital is a health facility in the burgh of Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland. It is managed by NHS Shetland.


The facility, which was designed by P. Thompson, was opened as the Zetland County Sanatorium in November 1928.[1] After joining the National Health Service in 1948, it was renamed Montfield Hospital in 1962 and was converted into a geriatric facility in 1983.[1] A small care home was established on the ground floor in 2010.[2] The headquarters of the NHS Shetland Board, which had previously been based at Brevik House in Lerwick, was established on the upper floor in 2013.[3]


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